Plunket consults on options for continued operation of ECE services

Plunket has launched a community consultation process to explore the best way to provide continued operation of its six Early Childhood Education (ECE) centres.

Plunket Chief Commercial Officer Duncan Scott says Plunket knows that ECE provides long-lasting educational and developmental benefits for children.

“We are undertaking this consultation because we want to ensure the continued operation of these services and seek community views on the best way to deliver them in each of these communities.”

Plunket has met with ECE staff and families about the consultation, and has invited them to participate in the consultation process.

“We expect the consultation will identify the best way to provide for the continued operation of the six ECE centres.

“We need to ensure that we can provide continuity of service for families and whānau, achieve good outcomes for children, meet community needs in the long term, achieve good outcomes for staff – including providing appropriate professional development, and ensure financial sustainability.”

He says the consultation will consider all options, including working in partnership with another operator that holds similar values to Plunket. This option would to enable sharing of resources to better deliver consistently excellent ECE. Another option under consideration is transferring the operation of the ECE to the community.

“As part of the consultation we will be asking communities and staff to share any other ideas they may have for operating the ECE centres.”

“We want to emphasise we will not close any of these ECE centres as part of this process.  If the best option is for Plunket to continue to run the centres, we will continue to do so.”

The six ECE centres are Meadowbank Plunket Preschool (Auckland), Matua Plunket Kindergarten, Opeys Plunket Education & Care Centre and Opeys OSCAR Programme, Mount Plunket Preschool (all in Tauranga), Paremata Plunket Crèche (Wellington) and the Banks Peninsula Plunket Community Preschool (Akaroa).

The consultation will run until 14 November and involves an online feedback form, workshops and submissions. Plunket intends to announce the consultation outcome and next steps in early December.

A copy of the consultation document can be obtained here.

25 October 2018

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