Plunket Facebook Chat to support parents with measles questions

Plunket is hosting a live Facebook Chat session tonight, to support families with questions on the Canterbury Measles outbreak.MeaslesFB

Plunket Chief Nurse Dr Jane O’Malley says Plunket – through its nursing and PlunketLine freephone 24/7 services – has been inundated with questions from parents and families seeking information and advice on Measles.

“It’s clear to us that parents want to know how they can best protect themselves and their family and what they should do if they suspect their child or a family member has measles.

“In the past couple of days PlunketLine has received more than 100 calls from parents about the measles outbreak and we have been able to give them the information they were after.”

Dr O’Malley says immunisation is the best protection against measles, which is an incredibly infectious and serious illness.

“You have a 90% chance of catching it just by walking past someone who has the disease.”

She says Plunket will host a live Facebook Chat and Q&A session at 8pm today where parents can ask questions of health professionals.

“It’s important people get accurate, informative and up-to-date information and that’s what Plunket can provide. We know mums with babies not yet old enough (under 12 months) to be vaccinated are worried and others are unsure if they are fully vaccinated.”

Plunket Southern Regional Operations Manager Linda Hill says Canterbury Plunket Nurses are receiving daily updates and can support families they visit with information and advice.

Ms Hill says all playgroups and clinics in the region are operating as normal and will continue to do so until advised otherwise.

She advises people to register for a vaccine with their General Practice if they are unsure of their immunisation history.

“Immunisation is the best protection against measles.”


The Facebook Live session can be viewed on the Plunket Facebook timeline from 8pm and will be available in the video section after - 

For up to date advice on the Canterbury measles outbreak, follow Canterbury District Health Board on Facebook and check their website. Call HealthLine on 0800 611 116, your local GP, or PlunketLine on 0800 933 922 if you suspect a family member may have measles symptoms.

For questions around immunisation, call 0800 IMMUNE (466 863) or a PlunketLine Nurse on 0800 933 922 - or speak with your Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Practice Nurse.


For more details please contact Plunket’s media adviser: 04 460 4680 or

13 March 2019

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