Plunket Transition Update

People are talking about Plunket this week and we understand some people are wondering what we are doing.

We want to assure New Zealanders that hundreds of dedicated Plunket staff and volunteers up and down the country are doing the same thing today that we’ve been doing for over 110 years – looking after families at one of the most critical and special times of their lives. We continue to do this and our Plunket nursing service is not changing.

But Plunket has recently made some changes to our structure – because we have to - but it looks like not everyone knows that story; why and how we are transforming, and what it means for New Zealand.

Through our proud 110 year history, everything our dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters have done has been about investing in families and children so we can make the biggest difference in their lives. But we all know, society is constantly changing and we have to change with it.

New Zealand has too many children living in poverty, and we have a new generation of parents wanting our services delivered in ways that work for them and at times that suit them, including through digital channels.

This is what led us to make historic changes over the last few years to our governance structure and to become a single national entity.

Our previous structure had led to vast disparities in our support to communities. In those areas with an active area society and volunteer base – Plunket’s extra services were plentiful. But in others, often those that needed it most, dwindling volunteer numbers and fewer members to support area societies, meant there were hardly any community services at all.

This was a courageous step by our membership to vote to consolidate and work together to address the needs of all families.

We will continue to work with our volunteers, communities and funders. These friends play a vital role in building our future because, while our Well Child service is funded by the Government, all our other services including parenting education, refugee family groups and playgroups for example, only happen because of their generous support – of funding, time and local people understanding local needs.

We know change is hard. But our decisions will necessarily be bold and brave so we can be there when families need us and we can deliver our strategy, the Journey Towards Generational Change.

Around a quarter of all New Zealand children live in poverty. That’s why we’re doing the things we’re doing – to improve the lives of those babies, children and communities missing out under our old way of working. Find out how we are Becoming a Modern Plunket

If you would like to hear Plunket CEO, Amanda Malu talk about Plunket’s changes you can listen here.


by Angela Eglinton 20 March 2018

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