Our take on tongue-tie surgery

You might have read news reports today about an increase in the number of children having tongue-tie surgery.

Plunket takes the same perspective as La Leche League and the College of Midwives – mums getting an assessment from a trained professional to determine the cause of breastfeeding issues is key. It’s important to avoid unnecessary surgery, for the child and also for the mum it is important that the correct cause of breastfeeding issues is addressed and the mum isgetting the support she needs to breastfeed.

When a tongue-tie is determined to be the cause of breastfeeding issues, parents can make an informed decision about whether they want their child to have a frenotomy.

Parents who have questions can talk to their Plunket Nurse or call PlunketLine.

0 Comments Posted by Jen Riches on 16 November 2017

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