Wattie’s and Plunket celebrating 28 years in partnership

wattiesWattie’s and Plunket have been nutrition partners since 1990 - working together to help give every child in New Zealand the best start in life.

Although the Wattie’s and Plunket relationship stems back to 1958, it wasn’t until 1990 when the two iconic New Zealand brands formalised their partnership and Wattie’s became a Pick Me Help Plunket partner, whereby a portion of each sale of a Wattie’s ForBaby product goes to Plunket to support its Community Services.

Wattie’s and Plunket have worked together for many years to create helpful resources for parents who are about to start their solids journey with their child. Between July 2018-June 2019 Plunket provided over 134,000 feeding guides to families through the WellChild Tamariki Ora Core 4 Check (when baby is around 6 months old) plus at its group nutrition courses. In 2018 Wattie’s also produced a series of videos for each stage of a child’s nutritional development from starting solids and how to make baby foods to tips for fussy eaters and finger foods ideas for lunchboxes. These are a great way for parents to access information that is consistent with Plunket and the Ministry of Health guidelines.

“We love having Wattie’s as part of our Plunket family. It’s so important to work together to ensure parents feel confident and equipped with the right information to start their child on a positive feeding journey. If it starts right, it will continue into their later lives.” says Amanda Malu, CE Plunket.

With continued support from Wattie’s, Plunket is able to continue to provide relevant and helpful information to families, and continue to provide its many community services around the country for free.

11 December 2019

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