B4 School Check Ups

The human body is truly amazing but sometimes it can be too clever for its own good.

KathrynAndEryn1This was the case for little Eryn, whose left eye had been working so hard to make up for a defect in the right eye, that her parents had no idea there was anything wrong with her sight.

They would never have dreamed that she was virtually blind in one eye.

Stop a small problem turning into a life-long issue.

“I was confident that the check would go well,” says Kathryn.

Thankfully, Eryn’s mum still took her daughter to her B4 School Check. The Plunket nurse picked up a problem with her right eye and Eryn was referred to an optometrist who diagnosed the full extent of the problem.

For now, Eryn has to wear glasses to encourage her eyes to work together. If all goes to plan, her eyes will have corrected and she won’t need them anymore by the time she starts high school.

Invest 30-minutes for your child’s future

Eryn was healthy and happy, and the only thing her mum had a slight concern about was her speech development. So you can imagine Kathryn’s shock when the nurse told her that Eryn’s right eye was showing signs of ‘laziness’ and that she needed to see an optometrist as soon as possible.

If Kathryn hadn’t booked Eryn in for her B4 School Check the damage could have been permanent. That 30-minute appointment will have a lifelong impact.

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