We offer injury prevention education and advice. We can help fit your car seat safely and securely. We provide car seat installations for an affordable fee, give advice, support and education by experienced Child Restraint Technician.

Child restraint check and installation fees

Service Fee including GST
Child restraint advice - virtual and in person   Free
Restraint Install check
Minimal adjustment required - e.g. seat belt needs tightening
$10 first restraint
$5 per additional restraint
Restraint Install check  
Several adjustments required – e.g need to reroute the seat belt, untwist the harness. The adjustment would usually require taking the restraint out and re-installing   
$20 for first restraint
$10 per additional restraint
Restraint Full installation  
Seat not installed prior to the appointment  
$30 for first restraint
15 per additional restraint
Virtual installation service $20

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