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Plunket New Zealand

Plunket National Office

Level 3, 40 Mercer Street 6011
PO Box 5474
Wellington 6145
fax: +64 4 471 0190
phone: +64 4 471 0177

Panmure (1)

  1. Panmure Plunket clinic

    address: Panmure Community Centre, Pilkington Road open: Clinic is on Wednesdays
    service: Plunket clinics
    phone: 09 820 6532 email:

Parnell (1)

  1. Parnell Plunket clinic

    address: 545 Parnell Road open: Monday to Wednesday
    service: Plunket clinics
    phone: 09 379 3220 email:

Point Chevalier (1)

  1. Point Chevalier Plunket Committee and Playgroup

    The Point Chevalier Plunket Committee of volunteers meets once a month to organise coffee groups, fun events, and parenting talks for families in our community. We are always looking for new volunteers - if you don’t have time to attend committee meetings we also need project volunteers who can help out on a more casual basis during the year. Whatever time and skills you can consider donating are greatly welcomed and appreciated!

    address: open: Tuesday and Wednesday
    service: Parent groups, Play groups, Plunket clinics, Committee
    phone: 09 846 6364 email: plunketptchev@gmail.com

Ponsonby (1)

  1. Ponsonby Plunket clinic

    address: 3 Dedwood Terrace open: Monday and Wednesday
    service: Plunket clinics
    phone: 09 378 6094 email:

Remuera (1)

  1. Remuera Plunket clinic

    address: 4 Victoria Avenue open: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    service: Plunket clinics
    phone: 09 520 3254 email:

13 4 5 6 771

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