Mid South Canterbury Area

Plunket provides a service for those living in the area bordered by the Rakaia and Waitaki Rivers and the Southern Alps. There are a total of 19 clinics and a Family Centre which is located in Timaru. Clinic services are provided by 8 Plunket nurses and 4 Karitane staff. Many services are funded and coordinated by an active group of volunteers. These include PEPE parenting courses, coffee groups and toy libraries.

Phone: 03 688 3520
Fax: 03 684 3620
Email: southern.region@plunket.org.nz
14 Butler Street, Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand



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  • Play for child development
  • Parent coffee group
  • Party time
  • High five!
  • Plunket playgroup
  • Fun with your Plunket Nurse
  • Volunteering for Plunket

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