Taranaki Area

Taranaki is experiencing a baby boom and Taranaki Plunket is supporting that booming population by providing 21 clinics and 15 mobile Plunket Nurses, Community Karitane and Kaiawhina in Taranaki. Plunket makes over 11,000 visits to young Taranaki families each year, and also provide additional services like running parenting educations courses, which are supported by Plunket volunteers.

Phone: 06 769 5453
Fax: 06 769 5458
Email: Taranaki.Admin@plunket.org.nz                                                              214 Devon Street West, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

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  • Play for child development
  • Parent coffee group
  • Party time
  • High five!
  • Plunket playgroup
  • Fun with your Plunket Nurse
  • Volunteering for Plunket

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