Auckland North Shore

Auckland North Shore and Northland Plunket covers all areas in Northland, Rodney and Hibiscus Coast, North Shore and River Valley. Includes all suburbs situated north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge including North West (to Kumeu and Helensville) and Northland areas as far as Kaitaia in the Far North (excluding the Hokianga area). Clinics are situated across all areas. Please contact your area office for further information.

Phone: 09 838 0981
Fax: 09 838 0982
8 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand


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  • Play for child development
  • Parent coffee group
  • Party time
  • High five!
  • Plunket playgroup
  • Fun with your Plunket Nurse
  • Volunteering for Plunket

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