Co-design project 2015-16

Parents with children living in CBD (Central Business District) can face many challenges. This research project aimed to document some of these experiences and identify ways that we can better support them.

This project was sponsored by Plunket and S.K.I.P. (Strategies with Kids | Information for Parents) and used a co-design approach. Co-design approaches bring in different agencies and customer groups to design and develop ideas that can make a real difference in the community.

Research summary

  • Some challenges living in CBD include living in small apartments, safety issues, parks not friendly to children under five
  • The positive experiences include the convenience to different places, baby's enjoyment at seeing buses, ferries, trains etc.
  • One common denominator for all families is little or no family support. Some families brought grandparents over from overseas to look after children, which can also cause conflicts.
  • Different ideas were brought up including a tiki tour of parents living in CBD and a shared community space for parents.

Why is this research important?

This research is important because it helps us to understand some of the challenges families face when raising young children in the CBD. It is also important because this research involved different agencies and incorporated families’ voices in the outcomes.

The agencies involved in the design team includes Plunket, TAKAI, Auckland Central Library, KINZ Myers Park, YMCA of Auckland, and The Asian Network Inc. Many parents also shared their stories with the project team.

Who might be interested in this research?

This report is written for parents, community agencies, businesses, policy-makers in central and local government and other stakeholders who deliver services and operate within Auckland CBD. This report identifies learnings about inner city living whilst raising children that have been generated by undertaking a parent-led design approach.

A full account of the co-design process and the insights gathered from our parent interviews is given in the CBD Powerpoint Project Tracker and CBD Summary report. Please read Plunket's submission to the Waitemata Local Board 15/16 Annual Plan.  

If you would like further information on this project work please email