Plunket Postnatal Adjustment Programme

Is having a baby all you expected it to be?
If you are experiencing anxiety, distress or depression during your pregnancy or following your baby's birth, the Plunket Postnatal Adjustment Programme (PPNAP) may be able to help.

Plunket has contracts with three of our DHBs (District Health Boards) in the Southern Region (Canterbury, South Canterbury and in Dunedin City).

We provide assessment, intervention and support regarding maternal mental health. We deliver this by home visiting, or an agreed location and offer group work and these can include specialised programmes such as CBT, partner’s evenings and general support. Our purpose is to support women and their families in the community who are experiencing anxiety, distress or mild to moderate depression in the perinatal period i.e. when you are expecting a baby or already caring for a new baby.

You do not need to be accessing Plunket's Well Child Service to access the Postnatal Adjustment Programme. Services are free of charge and referrals are accepted by phone or fax from all sources and self-referrals are very welcome.

Canterbury PPNAP

166 North Parade, Shirley
Ph: 03 365-1646

Hours: Monday-Friday (8.30-5.00pm)

South Canterbury PPNAP

3 Dee Street
Ph: 03 684-4159

Hours: Monday - Friday (8.30-3.00pm)

Dunedin Maternal Wellbeing Service

18 Lorne Street
Ph: 027 675 3110

Hours: Thursdays and Fridays (8.30am - 4.30pm)


Opening hours: Monday - Friday (see below)
Phone: Christchurch 03 365 1646 or fax 03 365 1647


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