To help you navigate these different stages with confidence, Plunket’s designed a series of courses to support you on your parenting journey.  

For example:

  • Your Active Toddler talks about how tantrums are an expression of your child’s learning and development and gives you some positive parenting strategies for how to respond to them, and
  • Your New Baby gives you some great practical tips on how to bathe, settle, and read your baby’s cues (what their actions may be trying to tell you).  

The courses in the PEPE series are: 

  • Your New Baby – For newborns (first six weeks)  
  • Your Growing Baby – For little babies (six week olds-until crawling/moving)  
  • Your Moving Baby – For moving babies who aren’t yet walking    
  • Your Active Toddler – For on the go toddlers (14 months - two and a half year olds) 
  • Your Curious Young Child – For pre-schoolers (two and a half to five year olds)  

PEPE courses are free and available across Aotearoa.  

Find a PEPE class near you. 

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