About family centres

Family centres provide a free service, staffed by Plunket nurses, Plunket Community Karitane, Plunket Kaiāwhina,  community staff and volunteers. They offer practical support and information on different whānau topics that may include: 

  • breastfeeding 
  • infant nutrition 
  • infant massage 
  • growth and development 
  • sleeping and settling 
  • child behaviour  
  • parent/family needs
  • family social support 
  • car seat information 
  • community classes 
  • playgroups. 

Scheduling a visit

Check to see if there is a family centre near you 

You’ll need to talk to the family centre staff to arrange a visit for you and your tamariki 

In some areas community Karitane and Plunket Kaiāwhina provide additional support in homes, clinics, preschools and marae.

In areas where there is no family centre, Plunket staff can provide additional support in homes, clinics, preschoolsmarae and sometimes, through a virtual service.