About Plunket toy libraries

Children learn through play, and toys can be a great way for kids to grow their imagination and develop new skills.   

Toy libraries are run by volunteers and most libraries are free or have a small membership fee.  

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Maude's story

"When we decided to travel with our four-year-old son, it was difficult to explain to him why we couldn't cram all of his toys into our suitcases. But his disappointment turned to delight when we discovered Plunket’s amazing toy library. He was able to use a little bike and other large toys that don't travel well, for our entire vacation. Libraries also help teach our son valuable lessons about being selective, sharing, being open to change, and that you don't need to have ‘all the stuff, all the time.'"

- Maude (travelling mum) and Darwin (four-year-old toy lover), Plunket toy library enthusiasts


A young boy wearing a helmet riding a bike.

Darwin exploring on his bike from the toy library