Parenting through separation (Chinese)


Date of course

Saturday 31 August 10am - 3pm


Sandringham-Kingsland Plunket, 427 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland


When you separate, your children should be the most important focus.
父母離異, 最重要的,是了解孩子們的需要。 

Parenting Through Separation is a free information Ministry of Justice programme to help you and your ex-partner focus on your kids during separation. 
分居及離異家庭親子教育講座是由司法部免費提供的課程, 幫助你和你的前夫/妻 了解孩子面對父母離異時的需要。

It is recommended that anyone separating or anyone with a care of child dispute attends to help them make good parenting decisions.
我們建議任何離異父母(或任何有關照顧孩子爭議的人士)參加,以幫助他們做出適當的教養, 親子的決定。

Through this workshop, parents can understand more about the needs of children who are going through separation. Separating is often very stressful, this workshop can also help parents to build bridges to communicate better amongst themselves, and with their children. Part of the course also will talk about how to make the best arrangements for them when parents are separating. As a result, the programmes help many children are transitioning through this journey.
通過此講座, 父母可以了解離異過程中孩子的需要。 離異過程中往往是很大壓力的, 此講座亦可幫助改善家長之間, 以及和他們孩子溝通的橋樑。該講座的一部分將會討論如何為孩子作出最好的安排。相應地,此講座可以幫助在離異過渡中的孩子。

If you want to obtain a certificate at completion of the course, you will need to bring proof of your identification (preferably one with photo ID such as your passport, driver’s licence, firearms licence or 18+ card). Ministry of Justice requires us to confirm your identification before we can issue you with a certificate at completion of the course. If you want information about Parenting Through Separation, please go to Ministry of Justice, they have a brochure on the Parenting Through Separation programme in Chinese.
若想拿取出席證明書,務請帶備身份證明文件(最好是帶照片的身份證明,如護照,駕照,槍械牌照或18歲以上卡)。司法部規定我們確認您的身份後, 我們才能發出你的出席證明書。 如果您想了解更多有關它們亦備有關於分居及離異家庭親子教育講座的信息,請瀏覽司法部,它們亦備有關於分居及離異家庭親子教育講座的華語小冊子

This programme is NOT suitable for children, please arrange someone to look after your child during the course of the programme.
此講座孩子並不適合兒童參加, 請自行安排托兒服務.

Cost: Free - but you MUST complete an enrolment form and you will receive confirmation of your attendance prior to the course you are enrolling to attend.
費用:免費 - 但你必須填寫報名表. 確認收據將會在講座前發出。

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