Treating poisoning

Don’t give your child anything to drink.

But if you know your child has swallowed a corrosive substance (one which burns the inside of the mouth or throat such as dishwasher detergent, battery fluid, bleach or rat poison) immediately give a small amount of fluid — quarter of a glass. Don’t try to make your child vomit.

If you can quickly find the container take it with you to the phone. The Poisons Information Centre or your doctor need to know what has been swallowed and how much. They will give you information about first aid treatment and tell you whether you should take your child to the doctor or a hospital.

If you do not have a phone or you can’t get a reply to your phone call, take your child and the container or plant straight to your doctor, nearest medical centre, hospital emergency department, or phone 111 from the nearest phone.

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