Facebook chats

Facebook chat openPlunket hold Facebook chats twice a month on different topics. One chat is held during the day from 1-2pm and the other at night from 8-9pm. Parents can choose to join in the chat anonymously or publicly and have their questions answered by a PlunketLine Nurse and Plunket Advisor. Each chat is an hour long and has a specific topic.

If you’d like to chat to a Nurse any other time you can call PlunketLine whenever you want to, it’s 24/7 and FREE – 0800 933 922.

How do Facebook chats work?

Upcoming chats are listed as events on Plunket's facebook page. You can click attending on the chat you would like to participate in and then you will receive a reminder before the chat is about to start. You can also submit your questions prior to the chat by private messaging us or commenting on the event listing and Plunket will answer these during the chat.

The chat will take place on Plunket's newsfeed with a ‘chat open post’ to signal the beginning of the chat - if you submitted a questions prior look out for it there. You can join the chat by commenting on the post with your question or private messaging Plunket with your question.

Plunket will do their best to answer all your questions during the hour long chat but if they run out of time, they will come back with an answer in the next 24/48 hours.

Chat guidelines

Approximately twice a month, for an hour, Plunket holds a ‘Facebook Chat’ where users can submit a question related to the set topic to be answered by either a PlunketLine telenurse or Plunket’s National Advisors.

These Facebook Chats are able to provide another channel through which parents and caregivers can contact Plunket directly.

Plunket Facebook Chats are not meant to replace at any time the one-to-one contact with your Plunket nurse or other Health Professional.

Where the team feels that we are unable to answer a question directly, we will suggest that you call PlunketLine (0800 933 922) for more direct one-on-one advice. Alternatively Plunket may recommend that you contact another professional organisation (such as Family Planning, NZ Transport Agency, New Zealand Dental Association, Ministry of Social Development; depending on the topic).

All questions which are sent to Plunket NZ via private message will be replied to through private message. These questions will not be posted publicly unless the user requests for their questions to be posted anonymously on the public chat.

Plunket will endeavor to respond to all queries during the hour-long chat, however in some cases if they are unable to do so (due to the need to source more information/advice) they will respond within 24 – 48 hours.

If at any time Plunket feel a conversation is in violation of our community guidelines they reserve the right to delete the posts. Repeatedly violating these guidelines will result in the posts being removed from the page.

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