Grazes & cuts

It is common for children to injure themselves when they play.

Grazes, cuts and bruises can be very painful, a cuddle and talking to them in a calm voice can help comfort them. If it is bleeding, apply pressure to the cut with a clean cloth (use disposable gloves if you have them to help prevent infection).

If the bleeding does not stop, or if the blood is spurting out seek medical treatment urgently, keeping pressure on the area. Raising the injured part up may help slow the flow.

Grazes and cuts may need to be cleaned to help stop infections.


For help and advice call PlunketLine 0800 933 922, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If your child is sick please call Healthline, 0800 611 116, New Zealand's 24-hour telephone health advice service. All calls are answered by registered nurses.
In an emergency phone 111.
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