Babies usually need one more layer of clothing than you do. Clothes made from natural fibres such as cotton and wool will help keep your baby’s body at the right temperature.

Checking baby’s temperature

To check if your baby is warm enough, slip two fingers down the back of the neck between the shoulder blades. If their back is warm, then so is your baby, even if their hands or feet feel cool. If your baby is hot and sweaty, take a layer of clothes off, even if they’re asleep. If your baby is cold, add a layer of clothing and check the bedroom temperature. If you think your baby may be unwell, there are other precautions you should take.

Choosing baby’s clothing

When you choose clothing for your baby, check that:

  • they’re made from natural fibres like cotton and wool, to help keep their body temperature even

  • they’re easy to put on and take off

  • there’s plenty of room in booties, socks and leggings, as babies’ feet grow quickly

  • they look comfortable and have enough room for your baby to grow

  • there are no cords or neck ties, as these can strangle babies

  • they’re snug (close) fitting.

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