Noses, eyes & nails

Baby’s will often sneeze, rub their faces or develop ‘sticky eye’. Here are some easy tips to help keep baby’s eyes, nose and nails clean.

Sneezing/blocked noses

Babies often sneeze, which helps to keep the nose clear. Your baby may be snuffly at times as their nose is small and may become blocked, particularly when they’ve got a cold.

About your baby’s eyes

Your baby’s eye colour may change gradually over the first few months after birth. Many babies have red or purple patches on their eyelids. These are called ‘stork bites’.

Sticky eye

Babies sometimes develop ‘sticky eye’, because the tear ducts are tiny and block easily. When this happens, a clear or white sticky fluid collects in the eye.

To clean their eyes:

  1. Use a separate cotton wool ball or clean tissue for each eye.

  2. Moisten the cotton wool with cool, boiled water

  3. Gently wipe the eye from the inside corner to the outside.

  4. Discard the cotton wool ball and use a clean one to wipe the eye dry.

If the problem continues, or the white of the eye appears red, or the discharge is yellow or green, see a doctor.

Your baby’s nails

It’s easier to cut your baby’s nails when they’re asleep to avoid cutting their finger by accident. Try using small nail scissors or nail clippers. Some parents find it easier to bite off the rough bits of nail.

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