Signs of a vision issue

Your child may develop a vision issue as they grow. Watch for the following signs:

  • they screw their eyes up or tilt their head to see 
  • have frequent headaches 
  • have trouble reading or learning for their age 
  • are clumsier than usual for their age. 

Your Well Child book includes developmental questions about your child’s vision and hearing at different ages, as your child’s vision changes as they grow. It is useful to check these for your child’s age.

Well Child Tamariki Ora My Health Book


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B4 School Check

Plunket’s B4 School Check includes a vision and hearing check, which is often done at your child’s school. The B4 School Check happens soon after their fourth birthday to allow time for any support or adjustments, which could include getting glasses, or a follow-up with an eye doctor. 

If your child hasn’t had their B4 School Check and you think they may have a vision issue don’t wait until the check, take your child to see an eye doctor.

When to visit a doctor

If you think your child may have a vision problem call PlunketLine or your family doctor to schedule a visit. A full eye test is recommended for all infants or kids that have: 

  • a turned or lazy eye (strabismus),sometimes called a squint 
  • strong glasses at an early age (refractive error) 
  • a premature birth (30 weeks gestation or less) 
  • a developmental delay.

Help paying for eye care

If your child is under 15 years old and has vision problems, you may be able to get the spectacle subsidy for the following services:

  • Eye examination 
  • Spectacles (frames and lenses) 
  • Eye patches 
  • Repairs. 
Spectacle subsidy

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