Fun things to do with your kids

It’s a fact that children become more secure and curious about the world around them when they play with their dads. 

If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids, why not try one of these suggestions.  See how many you can do in one day.

  • Plant something that grows, like a tree or a seed. Make a wish and enjoy watching it grow in the years ahead.

  • Have a water gargling contest or gargle to your baby.

  • Teach little ones one of your "tricks" - a party trick, your secret way of doing something, or a skill of yours that they might not realise you have!

  • Let your kids dress you and style your hair.

  • Let your kids paint your toenails.

  • If you have a young baby show them something that they haven't discovered yet such as how to blow raspberries or pull a funny face.

  • Find your all-time favourite song/tune. Play it to your kids and talk about why you like it, and when you first heard it.

  • Hop on YouTube and find a snippet of your favourite show from when you were a kid. Play it to your kids.

  • Visit a place with your kids that you have never been to.

  • Build sandcastles at the beach.

  • Ice some plain biscuits – use food colouring to colour the icing and create fun and interesting designs. Add sprinkles, raisins, nuts etc for some extra sparkle.

  • Have a treasure hunt with clues. If your child can’t read, use pictures.

  • Turn over rocks and logs in the garden or in some rough grass, and see what insects you can discover.

  • Take the time to look up, and go star gazing at night.

  • Collect driftwood and shells and make a mobile with them.

  • Play shop with the groceries – set up the shop in a doorway.

  • Make costumes out of newspaper, eg princess dresses, pirate hats and swords, and then have a parade.

  • Turn the couches upside down and make caves and tents with old sheets. Then all help make morning or afternoon tea and eat it in your new den.


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