Our site is one of several key health sector websites you can access for free through the Spark, Skinny, One NZ, 2degrees, Warehouse Mobile, Slingshot or Orcon mobile networks.

But from 30 June, you’ll need to visit us via the new Zero Data portal at zero.govt.nz for data-free browsing.

You can access our website data-free through this direct link: https://portal.zero.govt.nz/go/plunket

Go data-free

Or visit zero.govt.nz to see the full range of websites you can access for free. You’ll find us listed under the Health section.

Zero Data is a joint initiative between several government agencies, including ACC, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice, Kāinga Ora, the Ministry of Social Development and the Department of Internal Affairs.

Find out more about Zero Data.