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What does a Plunket nurse do each day?

Our Plunket nurses: 

  • provide Well Child Tamariki Ora health assessments to support the health, wellbeing and development of our youngest New Zealanders and their whānau 
  • advocate for the rights of families – from escalating concerns as part of submissions to government, to supporting whānau to access warm and dry housing  
  • care about the health of the whole whānau. We regularly ask parents and caregivers about a wide variety of factors that may be impacting their lives, including family violence or mental health concerns – and support them to get the help they need 
  • are trusted and well-known figures in their communities, with expert knowledge of local and specialist support services available to help families thrive – and so much more.  

As well as being registered nurses, all our Plunket nurses complete an extra year of training in Well Child Health – and many more do further studies, including Masters’ degrees and specialist training to be better able to support whānau.  

Find out more about becoming a Whānau Āwhina Plunket nurse or visit our careers website.