US 29863 Observation & learning plans

Level 3
Credits: 5

People credited with this unit standard are able to: demonstrate knowledge of and plan an observation of a child in an ECE service; observe a child, document the observation and evaluate the outcomes of the observation; develop a learning plan for a child in an ECE service; implement and evaluate the learning plan for the child in an ECE service.

This unit standard is an introduction to education and care of children in an ECE service. It is designed for people who intend to work, or are working with, children in an ECE service. People working in the wider education sector may also be interested in this unit standard. This unit standard will prepare people to advance to a higher level of study in ECE.

Modules include:

  • Observation, assessment, and planning for learning
  • Observation techniques
  • Observation
  • Learning stories
  • Using observations to plan for learning
  • Ethical observation: Policies and procedures to consider when planning to observe

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