My husband and I have two beautiful little girls.  

Through my first pregnancy, I struggled. Her measurements were always off, so we were constantly getting sent back to the obstetrician for additional check-ups.  

When she was born, she was happy and healthy. However, I was still unable to shake this constant anxiety that there was something wrong with her.  

For the first eight weeks of her life, I called PlunketLine most days for one reason or another and they were truly incredible. The nurses listened to me patiently and without judgement. They helped me to think rationally and provided the assurance I needed that she was okay.  

With my second, I was much more relaxed and calm. It must have been mother’s intuition because the one time I did call PlunketLine with a concern, they advised me to take her straight to the hospital. My husband and I were admitted immediately and the doctors were glad that we had come straight away. We ended up getting testing done and thankfully the results were clear.  

After my experiences with my first born, it inspired me to start a charity called ‘Our Little Village’. I now support the Plunket clinics in Gisborne and Wairoa by donating boxes of essential items to whānau of newborns who need a little extra support in what I know can be a really challenging time. 

It’s rewarding to know that I have come full circle. PlunketLine helped me and now I am helping them. 

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