A breastfeeding dream became reality for Christchurch māmā Jovy, after she received support from PlunketLine’s lactation consultant service. 

“I didn’t breastfeed my first-born daughter as I wasn’t educated enough on the topic and had a limited understanding of how it all works. 

“However, when I later found out I was expecting twins it became a priority for me. I was determined to seek help from someone experienced and do whatever it takes to breastfeed successfully.” 

Jovy’s Plunket nurse put her in touch with one of PlunketLine’s lactation consultants who worked with her during weekly and fortnightly video calls. 

“My LC spent time getting to know me and was able to see what I was already doing and what wasn’t working. She helped me identify where my technique needed improvement, which was really useful as I had just been trying to remember what I was taught in the hospital. 

“I felt so reassured knowing that I was in expert hands.” 

Receiving support from the convenience of home was something Jovy particularly appreciated while navigating a busy schedule with her daughters.  

“It was great not having to gather everything I needed for the twins and make it to a physical appointment, which is tricky when managing two young babies. It would have been a real challenge to attend these regularly. 

“I loved being able to jump into a video call as I was still able to get what I needed, but in a way that left me feeling relaxed and comfortable.” 

Jovy says she is proud of what she has achieved. 

“I’m so grateful I didn’t give up, regardless of how hard it was at the beginning. 

“I would encourage any mums to reach out to PlunketLine for help earlier rather than later, as support like this really does make a difference.”