Plunket visits

Plunket provides well child and family and whānau health support services through free home and clinic visits.

We offer you information, support and developmental assessments of your child at varying stages between birth and 5 years.

Plunket visits are an integral part of our service to New Zealand families. Part of our care includes home visits for babies in the early weeks, and then clinic or further home visits for children up to 5 years old. View the Well Child / Tamariki Ora schedule for further details.

Visits can also take place at preschools, marae and other community facilities. Each visit gives you the opportunity to discuss parenting, family issues, your child’s health and development (eg nutrition, breastfeeding, sleep, safety, behaviour, growth, hearing and vision).

Our staff will answer any questions you have and discuss any concerns. They can refer you to other agencies and community groups as necessary.

If you need support or help between Plunket visits, please contact Plunket staff or phone PlunketLine on 0800 933 922.

Home visits

Being a new parent can be tough enough as it is, without having to worry about getting to your free Plunket visits.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the support you need, so for your first few Plunket visits, care delivery staff will come to your home, at a time that’s convenient to you.

Home visits mean you don’t have to worry about getting everything together to leave the house – we can offer our support and knowledge in the comfort of your own home.  It also gives an opportunity to advise on safety around the home, which can be helpful after the arrival of a new baby.

Clinic visits

Plunket runs hundreds of clinics throughout New Zealand. Check with your local area office for details of your nearest clinic.

To meet the needs of our clients, clinics are also held in other locations such as maraes, kohanga reo, early childhood centres, and kindergartens.

Plunket mobile clinics

Plunket operates mobile clinics in Northland, Waitamata, Auckland City, Counties Manukau. Mobile clinics aim to make it easier for people to access well child and other health services.

B4 School Checks

The B4 School Check is your child’s last Plunket WellChild check, and is designed to help them get the best possible start at school. Find out more about the check and how to book your child's appointment. 

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