Our Vision and Strategy

Our vision & mission

Plunket Strategy 2016-2021 is a product of the past 18 months of research, staff feedback, Plunket’s service delivery workshops, and surveys of families’ experiences of Plunket.

Our new Vision In the first 1000 days we make the difference of a lifetime connects us to the researched evidence of just how important our work is to the life of a child. It also captures the goals and energy of our new Strategy.

This Vision and Strategy will guide us as we adapt to the changing needs of New Zealand communities and to the changing social services funding model.

We have a strong, proud history that demonstrates our importance to New Zealand families - and we fully intend to remain an integral part of raising New Zealand’s children for the next 100 years. Our Strategy focuses our intent on the first 1000 days of a child’s life (although we recognise our involvement with tamariki and their whānau extends beyond this time period). It builds on our unique strengths, not the least of which is our strong and credible workforce. Our aim is to become a single, cohesive and great national organisation grounded in evidence and best practice – with the needs of New Zealand families and whānau at the very centre of everything we do.

Our new Strategy explains the outcomes we are seeking, not just for children and whānau but also for Plunket and our people.

Our three strategic goals are summarised as:

  • Healthy tamariki
  • Confident whānau
  • Connected communities 

Guiding our programme of work over the next five years are five strategic themes:

  • Tamariki, their families, whānau and communities are at the heart of everything we do
  • High-performing Plunket people
  • Integrated, collaborative and connected approach
  • Plunket is a learning organisation fuelled by knowledge, data and insights
  • A bright financial future

It is a challenge to modernise an organisation steeped in tradition while remaining true to its soul, but our very future depends on being able to do this. We aspire to be a modern, relevant and responsive Plunket that will be at the heart of the next generation of New Zealanders.  

We know change is hard. But our decisions will necessarily be bold and brave so we can be there when families need us and we can deliver our strategy, the Journey Towards Generational Change.

Around a quarter of all New Zealand children live in poverty. That’s why we’re doing the things we’re doing – to improve the lives of those babies, children and communities missing out under our old way of working. Find out how we are Becoming a Modern Plunket

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