Working in partnership

Working in partnershipPlunket works in partnership with many organisations throughout New Zealand. This means we can deliver services to more people in more communities.

Plunket can remain independent and promote a partnership approach to child health because we have three funding streams. These are:

  1. Government – we are funded to provide Well Child services for the Ministry of Health.
  2. Community - through local fundraising and volunteer contributions. Funds raised locally stay locally and help to fund local services such as toy libraries and family centres.
  3. Business - we have a number of corporate business partners that support us through sponsorship, goods in kind and funding for particular initiatives.

Plunket plays an important role in connecting people, organisations, government and businesses within communities – and connecting communities with each other. This is how we build strong families, happy and healthy children, and a strong country.

Other organisations we work with

Plunket works alongside many organisations to ensure children in New Zealand get the best start in life.

Independent Nutrition Advisory Group (INAG)

Plunket and Wattie’s have worked together for 23 years. One of the reasons for this partnership is that both organisations have a shared goal of being committed to infant nutrition. This commitment led to the establishment of a group called the Independent Nutrition Advisory Group (INAG).

INAG is an independent group of experts in infant nutrition that advises Plunket and Wattie’s on all issues relating to infant food and nutrition. INAG members are some of New Zealand’s foremost experts in child health and nutrition. You can see a list of INAG members on the Wattie’s For Baby website.

Wattie’s Plunket Baby Foods are eaten by thousands of New Zealand infants every year. Wattie’s is aware of its responsibility to ensure its products are of the best possible quality. The input from Plunket and INAG is an important part of this process.

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