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Getting help for postnatal depression

If you have postnatal depression, support, counselling and medication can all help you to get better.  It’s never too late to ask for help.  These feelings are not here to stay.  You will get better gradually with the correct help.

Support from others

Talk to people you trust, like your partner, friends, family, doctor, or Plunket staff. You could also visit a Plunket Family Centre in your area. Plunket can offer support and information in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Discuss your options for treatment and possible medications for postnatal depression with your doctor. Discuss what community support is available to you like:

  • postnatal depression groups

  • community mental health services

  • home help assistance

  • counselling

  • other appropriate trained professional.

Accept offers of support or help that you feel comfortable with, such as regular phone calls, visits, help with housework, meals, or looking after your baby to give you some time out.

Things you can do

  • Have things to look forward to during the day, such as time for you and your baby to play, cuddle and talk.

  • Plan something special each week.

  • Write down how you’re feeling. Read books and pamphlets on postnatal depression, to help you understand why you’re feeling the way you do.

  • Try to take each day at a time and accept that you may have good days and bad days.

  • Keep your expectations of yourself manageable. Don’t overload yourself with housework, paid work or volunteer work.

  • Divide your jobs up into smaller parts, and try and do a small bit at a time instead of thinking about what still needs to be done.

  • Look after your body by eating, resting, relaxing, and exercising.

  • Eat well, even if you are eating small, frequent meals.

  • Make time to relax, rest and sleep.

  • Find ways to relax, such as listening to music or reading.

  • Exercise, such as going for a walk can make you feel better.

  • Meeting friends can help you to feel connected.


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